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This ride pushed the limits of Lauren's available terrain, climbing over 4,000 Vertical Feet on a 65ft. "mound of trash" in Florida, USA. Most would have written off this challenge due to not having a large hill or mountain. The mental fortitude it took to even see this as possible (let alone start), is why she has been chosen to win the Garmin 830 Sensor Bundle. See the details of her ride here!

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Coach Derek's Everest DHVERTCHALLENGE Recap

Written by the talented Sean Hurley, this article recaps Coach Derek's DHVERTCHALLENGE ride and the real mission of event. *includes full video link "When Dialed Health coach Derek Teel came up with the idea, he knew he’d be inspired by the amazing things participating athletes achieved, but he didn’t just want to sit back and watch. Derek wanted to push his limits too, and accomplish something along with the Dialed Fam. At 1:45 in the morning on a September Saturday, he set out to do just that."

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5 Habits Of Fitness "Freaks"

Although performance and aesthetics are worthy of admiration, it's important that our examples of "fitness freaks" lead fulfilled lives. It needs to be intentional yet natural, disciplined yet flow. This is Coach Derek's "5 Habits Of Fitness Freaks" list after a decade of coaching and being surrounded by professional strength/endurance athletes.



The Dialed Health Vert Challenge is a PR of vertical ascent in one ride! Whether that is 5K, 10K, or 29K(Everest), the goal is to expand our belief in what we’re capable of.  Be a part of the event from anywhere in the world(and on any bike) by joining the Dialed Health Strava Club and submitting your ride by using the title: DHVERTCHALLENGE between Sept. 24th-Sept 30th.

5 Ways To Avoid Riding Burnout image

5 Ways To Avoid Riding Burnout

Use these recommendations for longevity in the sport and to continually grow your love of riding.

Buyer's Guide: Home Workout Equipment image

Buyer's Guide: Home Workout Equipment

Here are Coach Derek's top trusted tools you can buy for home(with direct links) that will give you the most bang for your buck. There are options for bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, adjustable benches, pull up bars, stability, and recovery tools.

Never Miss Another Workout image

Never Miss Another Workout

Learn the biggest supporting principle behind consistency, along with tips to organizing your schedule and having a backup plan in place.

How To: The Perfect Kettlebell Swing image

How To: The Perfect Kettlebell Swing

This highly effective exercise builds muscular endurance throughout your posterior chain(back, glutes, hamstrings, calves), along with your ability to create power. Watch the video to see the details behind executing it with perfect form and use the "breakdown" list to learn more about its most important points.

Desk Posture Fix: The Chin Tuck & Standing Foot Rest image

Desk Posture Fix: The Chin Tuck & Standing Foot Rest

One cue that has helped me avoid a rounded, head jutted forward position, has been the "Chin Tuck." Use this article to learn how to apply this, along with the "Foot Rest" trick that can help alleviate low back tightness at a standing desk.

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