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5 Ways To Avoid Riding Burnout

Amber Simon on May 8th, 2021


Use these recommendations for longevity in the sport and to continually grow your love of riding.

*above Coach Derek modeling that the goal of all of our rides isn't always purely training. We train hard to have fun using our bikes as tools with our stronger bodies.


RIDE MULTIPLE DISCIPLINES:  It sounds crazy, but it’s the truth...there are some days you won't feel like riding your favorite discipline.  For Coach Derek it's mountain biking. Thankfully a road ride usually does that day or even an indoor session on the turbo. If you don't have options, it will be harder to stay consistent. Thankfully, they all support each other, so give yourself options to stay pedaling. 

BUILD A BODY THAT’S MADE TO RIDE: How could it not be mentioned? Your body plays a bigger role in your riding experience than any piece of equipment ever will. The investment of your time, energy, and resources into regular strength/mobility training is the most valuable thing you can do.

*above: Coach Katie demonstrates how a hip hinge and row is an important skill to master in strength training. When we build these skills we are able to use that muscle memory, strength and mobility to take on new technical skills. 


ACCEPT YOUR CURRENT SKILL LEVEL: Ever been guilty of thinking you're better than you actually are. Have you avoided trying certain things out of a subconscious fear of not being able to do it and meet your own expectation. This is something Coach Derek has admitted to holding him back a ton!

NEVER RACE OUT OF OBLIGATION: If you don’t want to be there, you shouldn’t be racing.  There could be a bigger goal of "series points" that serious athletes have to prioritize, but the same resources can be used to do something you're passionate about.  Whether that's a casual riding trip or just holding off for the next event, this will continue to grow your love for the sport(oppose to the potential opposite).

BE A STUDENT: Watch other riders in person or through content. Look at their body position, geek our on their set up, ask questions, and most importantly...apply.



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