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Never Miss Another Workout

Derek Teel on November 4th, 2020

It's all about adaptability.

When you're committed to a workout schedule that includes riding and strength training, there will be obstacles that try and prevent you from staying consistent(work, family, weather, etc.).  Thankfully, you can control your response.  To make sure you never "miss" you have to adapt and do everything you can given that circumstance.

Most likely it will mean that your 90 minute turbo trainer session gets cut to a 30 minute session or your 60 minutes strength session with full gym access turns into 20 minutes of body weight workouts from home.  This is not missing, it's adapting.

Although it may not be the day that you make huge strides in your fitness, you will at least maintain your current fitness(opposed to missing and potentially going backwards).  This consistency will add up.  Think of the volume compounded overtime.  Even these modified workouts will add up by the end of the month/year and have real impact.  Especially when comparing it to the 0 of missed workouts.


Have clarity with the Macro view of your weekly training schedule.

This means knowing which day you're pedaling, strength training, or doing mobility/recovery work.  Once your "normal week" schedule is set, the goal is to get it all done within that week.  Even if you have to shuffle days around or modify the details, you can still get the same amount of days strength training, riding, and recovering as you planned.


Know your "go-to movements" that can be done from anywhere.

A basic understanding of body weight strength training can really get you out of a bind.  It's efficient enough to be your first option, but convenient enough to be your "last resort" as well.  Luckily, I have workouts for you to follow to help take the thinking out of the process.  They are the No Equipment Core Workouts that include movements like this Side Plank Knee Tap.  It's fun, challenging, and most importantly functional.



Align with your true intentions by saying one of these statements from above when you're tempted to miss a session.  When you think "I might not have time for that session" it should be followed up with "but I don't miss." When you think, I can't make it to the gym it should be resolved by the statement "I adapt." This is a game changer when you believe it and has helped me not miss a single workout in 1 year.  Seriously, not one...