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The 2022 Dialed Health Shred

Derek Teel on December 13th, 2021

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Starting Date: January 2nd, 2022

Ending Date: February 1st, 2022


The 30 Day Shred

-Food Tracking Every Day: Using My Fitness Pal App

-5 Workouts Per Week: Includes riding & strength training

-1 Recovery Session Per Week: Guided Mobility/Recovery

-Water Requirement: 100oz Female, 128oz Male per day (electrolytes/drink mix counts)


The Goal

-Lose Body Fat

-Build or Maintain Lean Body Mass (muscle)

-Learn To Fuel Performance While In A Caloric Deficit 



-Must be an active member of dialedhealth.com (no additional fees)

-Must follow submission guidelines and permit us use of result (including before/after photos)


2021 Winners

Erick Martinez lost 17.2lbs and improved his mental health!

"My goal throughout this process was to remain committed. As a dad of 3 who works full time, it's difficult to commit to discipline when all you want to do on your off hours is chill. I'm proud of the physical changes, but I'm happier with myself that I followed through and persevered until the end without letting up at all. 30 days helped me realize that goals that seem out of reach are possible to accomplish. This journey has not only been a springboard to better physical health, but to better spiritual and mental health as well."


Lauren Kress lost 7.4lbs and went from "healthy" to athlete!

"When starting the Dialed Health Shred, I considered myself a healthy, fit, in shape individual. Going into January 2021, I decided I would not only do the shred as a personal development challenge but I would also do dry January. Luckily for myself, the workouts, mobility and riding were already a part of my weekly routine. The new additions for me were the food tracking and the water intake. The first two days of drinking over 100oz. of water were overwhelming, but quickly became easy and a new habit I have grown to love and will absolutely continue for the rest of my life. As for the food tracking, I realized just how many calories I was consuming per day. For the challenge, I did reduce my calorie intake and enjoyed controlling the portions of carbs, fat and protein. I will continue to track my food to make sure I am hitting my macro goals per day. Overall, I did not loose a ton of weight but for my already small stature I was proud of my results. I believe the challenge has shown me that I am on track to continue to be a prepared and balanced

rider in and out of the saddle."


Ready for your own shred?  Start by signing up here!

Then, refer to the guidelines/resources below.


Photos And Measurements

Before Photos

Take your before photos with minimal clothing(within your comfort, but obviously appropriate) in a space with controlled lighting.  It's important to be able to replicate not only the lighting, but also the angle.  To make it easy, I recorded video and stood facing forward, sideways, and backwards.  Then, I just took screen shots of each position on my phone. *Side Angle-The goal is to relax your stomach without sucking it in, or pushing it out..


A simple scale at home is fine.  I recommend weighing in every morning after you use the restroom with minimal clothing on.  Although it's normal to have fluctuations in your weight, overtime you'll see that it has a very close correlation to the previous days eating/activity.  This will help you stay focused going into each day.


Circumference Measurements

Watch this video to learn how to take measurements using a tape measure for your shoulders, chest, waist, hips, thigh, calf, and arm(make notes of which arm or leg you used for future reference).

Body Fat %

This is not mandatory, but great if you have access to getting tested.  The most accurate options are a Dexa Scan and Hydrostatic testing.  You can also use an bioelectric impedance through highly accurate tools like an Inbody Machine or handheld options and advanced home scales(less accurate, but great to define trends).  Lastly, you can do a skin fold test using calipers(less accurate).  Search for resources near you.


Food Tracking Tools

Find Your Numbers

The greatest thing about food tracking is CLARITY.  Use this blog post to help you find out how many calories to eat and how to adjust to fuel your performance:

Dialed Health Nutrition Guidelines


My Fitness Pal

There are many apps to use that make the tracking process as simple and effective as possible.  This  is what I have chosen to use personally because of the amount of pre-entered food in the "search" library.  I found a great video that will show you how to use My Fitness Pal specifically:

How To Track Your Food Using My Fitness Pal


Food Scale

I have been using this scale for the last couple of years and have not had any problems with it.  It only costs $20(US).

Taylor Digital 11lb Glass Top Food Scale

A glass top is recommended for sanitary reasons

Measuring Spoons & Cups

There are very aesthetic options out there, but I recommend keeping them simple for functionality.  I would also buy at least two sets of each so you're not left pulling them out of the dishwasher when it's only halfway through its cleaning cycle ;)  Here is an example of a great set to buy: Baker's Dozen Measuring Cups And Spoons

Simple and functional is important when you're using them for every meal.

There may be some tweaks involved to your cooking style to help you track accurately.  This podcast episode will be a helpful resource to get you through it smoothly:

Dialed Health Podcast: How To Cook While Tracking Your Food


Hear How/Why This Process Works

Dialed Health Podcast: The Perfect Cycling Diet


How To Win

Submit Before and After Photos, Process Question, and Guideline Adherence derek@dialedhealth.com with subject line: Dialed Health Shred Results

The challenge ends on January 31st which is the ideal day to take your after photos.  To accommodate schedules and time zones, the submissions will be accepted until Feb 3rd.  The winner will be announced on February 6th via Instagram & Newsletter.  Winners will then be personally contacted for details on receiving prize.


Answer The Process Question

In 5 sentences or less, tell me what you have learned through this process.  It could be about your new habits, a change in your mindset, or something that happened that you didn't expect.


Rate Your Adherence To The Challenge Guidelines

I'd like you to score yourself 1-10 for each category(1 meaning you didn't do it all all, 10 meaning you nailed it perfectly).

-Food Tracking Every Day: Using My Fitness Pal App

-5 Workouts Per Week: Includes riding & strength training

-1 Recovery Session Per Week: Guided Mobility/Recovery

-Water Requirement: 100oz Female, 128oz Male per day

This will be the honor system(due to not currently having an accurate way to track this info).  Have confidence that my trained eye will be able to consider the accuracy(after going through this process with hundreds of people).



Coach Derek will be looking at the "total transformation" and focusing on these principles specifically:

-Before & After Photos

-Weight Lost

-Change In Circumference Measurements

-Answers to "process" questions

-Adherence to the challenge guidelines


Prize For Both Male & Female Winner

-$500 Cash (sent via PayPal)

-Garmin Index S2 Smart Scale

-Bare Performance Nutrition Prize Pack 

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