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Buyer's Guide: Home Workout Equipment

Derek Teel on December 14th, 2020

Here are Coach Derek's top trusted tools you can buy for your home that will give you the most bang for your buck.


The Products:

Each category has a couple of options with direct product links.  We have no affiliation with any of these brands but have personally used or feel confident with their products.



-Rogue Monster 30lb. Red Looped Band

-GoFit Pro Power Loop Mini Bands




-TRX Pro4 Suspension Trainer

-TRX Stability Ball

*65cm Ball


Adjustable Dumbbells:

-Powerblock USA Elite Adjustable Dumbbells*

*the most cost-effective brand, but out of stock as of Dec. 14th, 2020.
-SMRTFT Nuobell 50lbs*

*clean look, but higher price.  Included because they have a shipping timeline. 


Adjustable Benches:

-Rogue Adjustable Bench 2.0

-NordicTrack Utility Bench*

*Not as stable as the Rogue, but more cost-effective and works great. You can go for a flat bench if needed, but adjustable benches open a wide variety of movement options.



-Kettlebell Kings Adjustable Competition Kettlebell(12-16KG)

-Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat Standard Kettlebell*

*Buy the non-adjustable bells if you plan on buying multiple weights now or in the near future.


Pull Up Bar:

-Team Beachbody Pull Up Bar

-Rogue P3 Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar



-Trigger Point GRID 2 Foam Roller

-Dick's Sporting Goods Single Lacrosse Ball*

*Buy a couple for certain releases or to make a "peanut(two lacrosse balls taped together)"


General Equipment Recommendation: 

The majority of equipment in the Dialed Health Studio is from Rogue Fitness.  They have just about everything and only sell trusted products.  It's worth a scan before any purchase.  You can also buy pre-built home gyms as a package to give you some ideas.


I also have quite a few products from TRX and have been extremely happy with them.  Their brand carries a huge variety of products for home training outside of their suspension trainers.



I have no affiliation with any of these brands but hope that this can help you feel confident with your home equipment purchases.  From my experience, this gear will last a long time, even if it's more than just you using it.  Invest in your fitness!