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5 Habits Of Fitness "Freaks"

Derek Teel on August 17th, 2021

Defining A Fitness "Freak"

Although performance and aesthetics are worthy of admiration, it's important that our examples of "fitness freaks" lead fulfilled lives.  It needs to be intentional yet natural, disciplined yet flow.  This is Coach Derek's "5 Habits Of Fitness Freaks" list after a decade of coaching and being surrounded by professional strength/endurance athletes.

1) Their training & diet are a "dial" not an "on or off switch."

Training hard means training consistent over the long term.  Too many people do everything right until one trigger stops it all.  Instead of this "all or nothing" mentality, fitness freaks have a minimum baseline of volume and intensity that still allows them to be consistent.  They "dial it up" whenever they can, but never turn it "off."

2) They love the training process.

This love can be acquired.  No matter how much you hate training, this can change.  Here's how:

  • Start by believing it.
  • Commit until your first sign of results and let the outcome fuel your belief.
  • This leads to more purpose and interest, so you’re not questioning why you’re even doing it anymore.
  • From there, you can get into the "zone" and start noticing other positives about the process.
  • This slowly, but surely turns into a love for the process.

3) They understand macros and/or prioritize food quality.

Meal plans don't work long term because they don't teach you how to decipher macronutrients, micronutrients, or general food quality.  This means less options and inevitably getting caught in a corner, taking you "off of your diet."

(Insight from Coach Derek)

The alternative to learning about your nutrition is forever “trying” and not getting results.  You're confused, discouraged, and make little progress if not go backwards because you're ingraining the habit of failure.  It sounds harsh, but it only takes a few people literally crying in your arms at 5am training sessions for me to feel passionate about this.

4) They’re not comfortable until they get uncomfortable. 

True relaxation can occur only after the training is done.  It's the pendulum swinging from one end to another that makes both sides that much more enjoyable.

5) They train like their life depends on it.

The positive effects of exercise snowball into the rest of your life.  Besides the physical benefits, you have followed through on your commitment to do the hard thing.  That makes other challenges throughout the day feel easier.  Fitness freaks know this and for that reason make it a priority.  The quality of your life literally does depend on it.

Coach Derek dives deeper into each of these points on Episode 85 of the Dialed Health Podcast.