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3 Steps to Actually Reaching Your Goals in 2022

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Did you know of those who do, after 1 week 75% are still successful in keeping it? After two weeks, the number drops to 71%. After 1 month, the number drops again to 64%. After 6 months, 46% of people who make a resolution are still successful in keeping it. In comparison, of those people who have similar goals but do not set a resolution, only 4% are still successful after 6 months. Don’t let yourself become a statistic and instead, follow these 5 steps to actually reaching your goals in 2022…

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Q&A with Prod Rider Neilson Powless

Ever wondered how the pro’s train? If yes, you’re in the right place. Recently, I had the awesome opportunity to sit down with EF Racing's very own Neilson Powless, who gave me a pro’s perspective on training. If you don't know Neilson, in my opinion, he is one of our best cyclist in the world.

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5 Steps to Finding Your Riding Niche

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I recently did an XC race. At the starting line, I just had this gut feeling that this isn’t it – this isn’t the type of riding I want to do. I was in the lead on the first lap and got a flat. And you know what? It just felt like a sign that I wasn’t supposed to be there. I realized that XC racing is not the niche for me. I know I’m not the only one going through this and that’s why I want to share the exact thought process I took for finding my niche, so you can find yours, too.

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Inaugural Thank Ride

Thanksgiving is a day for giving thanks, eating delicious food, and cherishing time with your loved ones. But for cyclists, it’s also a chance to spend a few hours riding with friends in celebration of the local on-bike community, too. This year, Dialed Health head coach Derek Teel decided to organize a ride to do just this. He brought a wide range of local cyclists together for a morning of fun, camaraderie, and free coffee— not to mention the promise of being home before family festivities began. The result was a new tradition called the Thank Ride, and it just might have been the best ride of the year.

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The 2022 Dialed Health Shred

Everything you need to start the 2022 Dialed Health Shred! This includes specifics on taking before/after photos & measurements, how to find your calorie numbers & track your food, tools that you'll need to be successful and the submission guidelines to win the prize(both male and female). *membership required, no additional cost to enter.

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This ride pushed the limits of Lauren's available terrain, climbing over 4,000 Vertical Feet on a 65ft. "mound of trash" in Florida, USA. Most would have written off this challenge due to not having a large hill or mountain. The mental fortitude it took to even see this as possible (let alone start), is why she has been chosen to win the Garmin 830 Sensor Bundle. See the details of her ride here!

Coach Derek's Everest DHVERTCHALLENGE Recap image

Coach Derek's Everest DHVERTCHALLENGE Recap

Written by the talented Sean Hurley, this article recaps Coach Derek's DHVERTCHALLENGE ride and the real mission of event. *includes full video link "When Dialed Health coach Derek Teel came up with the idea, he knew he’d be inspired by the amazing things participating athletes achieved, but he didn’t just want to sit back and watch. Derek wanted to push his limits too, and accomplish something along with the Dialed Fam. At 1:45 in the morning on a September Saturday, he set out to do just that."

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5 Habits Of Fitness "Freaks"

Although performance and aesthetics are worthy of admiration, it's important that our examples of "fitness freaks" lead fulfilled lives. It needs to be intentional yet natural, disciplined yet flow. This is Coach Derek's "5 Habits Of Fitness Freaks" list after a decade of coaching and being surrounded by professional strength/endurance athletes.



The Dialed Health Vert Challenge is a PR of vertical ascent in one ride! Whether that is 5K, 10K, or 29K(Everest), the goal is to expand our belief in what we’re capable of.  Be a part of the event from anywhere in the world(and on any bike) by joining the Dialed Health Strava Club and submitting your ride by using the title: DHVERTCHALLENGE between Sept. 24th-Sept 30th.