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I'm new on Dialed Health and giving it a try. I'm 41 years old and mountain biking since more than 25 years now. I'm also riding a road bike, but don't say it to loud....
I did my first workout according to the "off season enduro" training plan and had to figure out that some informations on the warmup are missing (or I could not find it). My questions are:
- how long should be the rower part?
- which distance or how many steps should be the monster walk?
- how many time the WALK OUT VINYASA?
- how many runner stretch?

Thanks for your answers and sorry for my english, I'm Swiss.


1 week ago
This is my warm up hope this helps:
I row for 10 minutes, average pace just enough to get warmed up
Walk Outs - I do 10
Runners Stretch - I do 10 per/side

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