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Hi everyone! Dropping my introduction into this Olympic Lifting forum. I am a strength coach in Redwood City, California. I grew up playing sports, and have been coaching over 5 years now. My background in coaching has been a mix of working at a private facility with middle school- pro athletes, and a collegiate setting with football, golf, track and field, women's volleyball, and basketball.
I currently race enduro, and 2021 will be my first season racing in pro class! I love to mix up my training with road cycling (and a lot of Trainer Road) and strength training.
I am super excited to share my programming with Dialed Health, and I hope that everyone utilizing this program does too. I created this program with a few things in mind. First, the use of "power" movements such as cleans and snatches are implemented to increase total body coordination, stability, strength (use those legs!!) and...power! Second, blending mobility and accessory lifts into a strength block will make your time spent in the gym more efficient. Last but not least, this program is to benefit your riding!

Feel free to leave any questions here! From planning where these workouts should fit into your riding schedule, to form checks, exercise swaps, bonus mobility/ warmup routines, you name it!
Katie, so stoked about the Oly Program. I had one question about it and wasn't sure if this was the right spot to post. But if someone was doing a typical trainerroad program (Base > Build > Specialty), are certain phases of the Olympic Lifting program best suited to those blocks? I'm about to start a second build phase after an early season A race and was planning to extend one or two of the blocks in the lifting program by a few weeks to fit into the 16 weeks leading into my A event in late August and wasn't sure which ones to extend to compliment my riding program.

1 week ago
Reply to Brian Rowbotham
Hi Brian! Great question, converting the 12 week into a 16 week can go a couple ways. Phase two has the most most volume as far as eccentric loading and complex movements. If you feel that strength has been an issue in the past, you can extend this about two weeks. The last phase I increase the priority to move weight fast, with less volume. This is where we line up with more intense rides, or prioritizing recovery time for important trainer rides etc. You can extend this block another two weeks. Extending both blocks will still push out the “deload” week, so you still have time to adapt.

If you feel like extending phase two will add too much stress to your training on the bike, you can always start a “Phase 4” of a maintenance week. This is essentially the same lifts, but almost half the volume. You can consider adding higher intensity (in the form of weight) as long as the sets x reps are controlled. Think, compressions the 60 minute workout into 30 ish, or 60 minutes but a lot more mobility and stretching to keep up with stress from rides. Maintenance blocks during your season are huge for keeping injury risk low.

Hope this helps!
Derek Teel Moderator
1 week ago
Reply to Katie Alton
Thanks for that thorough response Katie! NAILED IT!

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