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Derek Teel Moderator

Coach Derek

THE FORUM IS LIVE! Our goal is to start to connect the #DIALEDFAM for extra support(and some fun). Hang tight for thread topics...
4 months ago
BEST IDEA EVER! This just took the #DIALEDFAM to the next level!!! Thank you Derek and Fam
4 months ago
Just joined. Tried the Dialed workout featured on PinkBike, and decided to give this a try since gyms are kind of a no go right now. I LOVED the Kettlebell workout #1 and #2. I have more kettlebells (55, 2x 35, 25, and a 15) at home than dumbbells (2 x 25). I looked at the dumbbell program, and was thinking of modifying with kettlebells. Thoughts?
4 months ago
Psyched the forum is finally up and running! This is a super cool service for the site. Congrats Coach Derek on this big step!

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