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Robert Day

Calendar/Previous Workouts

Looks like the calendar was added which is a great feature. But, I can no longer see my previous workouts and there are multiple workouts pre-loaded on my calendar. Anyone else having this problem?
2 weeks ago
Yes, it is brutal. As a workaround, I tried to re-start my plan, but it just added another plan. Better off just not using the calendar until you finish your current plan and then add your next plan to the calendar.

Also, unless the calendar links in with TR/Zwift/TP, etc, it is not particularly usefule, IMHO.

All that being said, this is all moving really quickly for the team and I'm grateful for their hard work and dedication so that we can have ride-specific strength training. Calendar or not, I'm a better rider for using the platform.
2 weeks ago
Same issue here. Email sent to Derek. I'm sure he has received several and they are working on a fix. Excited to start using the calendar, but it isn't useful for me in its current state. Links to TR/Zwift/TP/SF, etc would certainly add a lot of benefit.
New to the platform and still trying to figure out the calendar. Every time I try to look at an upcoming workout it just takes me to the plan start page and lands up adding it to the calendar again! Any suggestions?
2 weeks ago
Reply to Scheherazade Haque
Calendar is brand new and definitely not working correctly. Rest of the Dialed package is phenomenal. I’m sure they’ll have the calendar bugs worked out shortly
Reply to Louis Sassone
Good to know, thanks! I am excited to get stuck into a program, loving what I've seen so far.

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