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How Strength Training Improves Cycling - Explained Simply

Derek Teel on April 17th, 2023

The Obvious

You get stronger by building bigger muscle fibers and/or neural adaptations (how the brain communicates with the muscles).

Less Compensation

Certain muscles can become dormant after time in the saddle (mostly ones on the backside of your body). Keeping those activated helps the primary muscles not become overused.

Injury Prevention

Balanced strength training increases bone density and tendon strength.  This gives you a more stable body to tolerate impact and reduce unwanted twisting while you’re on the bike or hitting the ground (inevitable).


Activated muscles lead to better alignment and more comfort while riding. Back, neck, or knee pain can eliminate your ability to put down power and lower the quality of your ride experience.

Put It All Together

When your muscles are firing properly across your body (power transfer) without the pain, instability, or unused muscles holding you back, you can truly ride at your best (and have the most fun).

"My mission is for more people to experience this by providing them with strength training programs that suite their riding and lifestyle" - Coach Derek

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