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4 Steps To Picking The Right Program

Derek Teel on October 29th, 2019

Have total confidence that your program is the perfect fit for you.  There are ways to ensure you have taken every step necessary before jumping in, but let me first rule out one trait of those who find success: blind faith. Those who complete 100% of a program that is a good fit will get great results. Those who complete only 80% of a great fitting program will only get good results.  Keep that truth in mind while considering these other variables.



Every program should have an end date attached.  This should line up with an event that you would like peak for (race or ride) or an arbitrary cut off to step back and access your results. You will never be “done” with your training, but knowing there is a temporary end in sight will help you stay motivated and get you excited for what’s next.  *Dialed Health programs all have recommended lengths, but can be varied by a few weeks in each phase.  Contact me (Derek Teel) with any questions concerning your specific timeline.


What access do you have for equipment?  This is a real question to take into consideration.  I’d be lying if I told you that you can achieve equal long term results on a body weight program vs. using equipment.  It has it’s place, but just cannot provide the variety we need to be at our best.  Full gym access is ideal and would be mandatory for a pro athlete, but having select pieces of equipment to rely on and modify with can yield awesome rewards. Only having dumbbells for example, means that you may miss some max strength benefits but if they keep you consistent because they’re in the garage, I’d argue you may be better off (considering the rule of consistency in the top paragraph).

Session Duration & Frequency

Time can be pressing when you factor in your real life schedule; work, family, friends, chores, and general interests are all real factors in reducing your ability to train.  If this is you, I recommend sticking with a 2 day per week program.  You may also consider using the No Equipment Program for 1 day per week to sneak in a 30 minute session anywhere (mixing two programs for your convenience).  Most programs here are a “minimalist” approach to make sure that you not only can get all the work done within a week, but also to not negatively affect your riding due to unnecessary fatigue.  Training in the gym more than two days a week should be to focus on additional muscle growth (like the General Functional Fitness Program), or to supplement for a low volume of riding.  If you need to shave off time in a session to complete it, try dropping the weight and taking no more than a 30 second rest between workouts.

Specific Goal

There is not one program by Dialed Health that will take you away from the focus off on-the-bike performance.  Although some details are changed to maximize the potential in your discipline, you will not wake up looking like a bodybuilder or powerlifter after your workouts. Changes happen over time, so be patient with your program and slow to make changes. Don’t let a “new” feeling of soreness or one day of fatigue make you question your entire plan. 


Start Moving Forward… and discover your path is becoming a Dialed Health Mantra of sorts. It means to take action now and let those experiences guide you to the next step.  That’s what executing a program will do for you…take you to the next step!