Strength Training For Cyclists

Dialed Health exists to take people to a higher level in their health and fitness through honestly assessing current health efforts and evaluating future goals.

Start Moving Forward and Discover Your Path

Dialed Health creates an encouraging and challenging environment for people to engage with their journey and reach valuable health milestones. Cyclists specifically will experience Dialed Health’s personalized expertise and time-tested methods towards measurable goals and wins.


Online Program

Each program has clear instruction and short video coaching for every exercise.

Measurable Goals

The Goals Guideline creates a plan that will keep you focused on what you want.


Discuss the process, share insight, and get support from your peers.

120+ Videos

Video tutorials are in place for every movement or sequence on each program.  Use the instruction initially to learn, then for quick reminders on form.

Nutrition Plans

Learn how many calories you burn and eat specifically for body fat loss, muscle gain, or maintenance.

Bonus Perks

Want to go further?  Email Derek directly to answer your questions and receive the guidance you need.


Derek Teel

Interest for health and fitness initially sparked while racing on Yeti Cycles downhill team in 2009.  Meeting with trainers and nutritionists opened his eyes to the world of performance that stuck beyond his years of racing.  Fast forward and his training career has taken him all over California. 

 From high end facilities focused on personal training, to large boot camp classes, these experiences have allowed him to take the knowledge of the general fitness space and cater it to the real needs of cyclists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dialed Health is built for someone who wants to build their strongest, healthiest body, that actually helps them ride harder, recover faster, and feel better. Whether you are a seasoned racer or weekend warrior, there is a plan for you.

Our goal is to cover all of the strength work necessary to reach your goals. With that said, general riding recommendations concerning volume and intensity are provided. Specific intervals, power outputs, and live coaching will require additional services.

There is an 8 week body weight training program with no equipment needed, but to use all the programs, you will need gym access.

New programs will drop once per month until there are 10 options to choose from. From there, programs will be re-built as needed and new demands arise. All programs are a minimum of 2 months in duration. There is currently over a years worth of programming available.