Most recipes can feel like too much of an undertaking. That’s because they require shopping for obscure ingredients, long prep times, lots of effort, and are difficult to track. The goal with this list is to bypass those road blocks. These meals are healthy, simple, support your performance, and give you flexibility to hit your targeted macros/calories. Here are some tips:

  • Feel free to tweak recipes to hit your target macros, calorie goal, or to feed a specific amount of people.
  • All recipes can be simply modified to accommodate for gluten free and vegetarian eating.
  • Measurements are for single serving or ease of cooking. Scale as needed for the desired amount of servings.

*these recipes are staples of my diet. The most important thing are the ingredients. I gave you a quantity of each to help get you started, but manipulate them to your taste and caloric needs. Don’t overthink it! Try these out and make them your own. It’s all about flexibility for your time and nailing your goals consistently. Healthy food can taste amazing!

Dinner: Teriyaki Beef Bowl image

Dinner: Teriyaki Beef Bowl

Lunch: Tangy Turkey Wrap image

Lunch: Tangy Turkey Wrap

Lunch: Salmon Quinoa Bowl image

Lunch: Salmon Quinoa Bowl

Lunch: Chicken Strawberry Feta Salad image

Lunch: Chicken Strawberry Feta Salad

Breakfast: Protein Oat Pudding image

Breakfast: Protein Oat Pudding

Breakfast: Eggs and Everything Avocado Toast image

Breakfast: Eggs and Everything Avocado Toast

Breakfast: Turkey Bacon Scramble image

Breakfast: Turkey Bacon Scramble