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Justin B.

Questions about where to start

I'm just starting out with Dialed Health. I've been using a mid volume Trainer Road plan (riding about five times per week/ about eight hours total) for about seven months, coming basically off the couch before that. I just did the squat assessment, and every compensation that I could be doing I am. So my question is should I just spend the first eight weeks only on mobility? Or should I do mobility and something like the no equipment flow? Or something else like mobility and a core workout once a week?
4 months ago
Quick update after a couple weeks - I decided to do both the mobility program and the no equipment flow. Contrary to my assumptions, it was actually the mobility program where I stressed my achilles tendon and knee stretching when I was maybe too relaxed. It felt fine during the routine but the next day I was really feeling it. I'm now doing some rehab stretches and exercises I found recommended on other forums and youtube to strengthen the tendons before I get back into the mobility program.

The no equipment flow is sorta self-limiting for me because either I can do all the reps or I can't. If I can't do the reps then I just set a goal of doing a few more next time, which I assume is normal for people starting out.

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