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Hi Coaches,
I’m super excited about the Olympic Lifting program. I love working with the barbell and cycling so this is a perfect combo for me. SUPER STOKED! 🤙
After doing session 1 I have a couple questions:
1. Is there any way to log the weight along with the reps on the website? This will obviously help with keeping track of progression.
2. My shoulder mobility sucks, so overhead squats and even the power snatches were difficult. Any suggestions for this?
3. Why the front squat instead of back squat? Also, session 1 prescribed 19 reps for the front squat. Is that right?
You guys are awesome. I love the positive energy. Keep it up.
Derek Teel Moderator
1 week ago
Thanks Justin! It's awesome to bring a program like this to members who have been wanting to spend more time with a barbell.

1) THANK YOU for bringing this one to our attention. The space where it says to "log reps" should actually be "log weight." Just sent an email to the web team to have that adjusted. Stay tuned for that to be updated soon.

2) It's funny you bring this up, because I filmed a guided workout yesterday that is all about shoulder health and there is a ton of mobility. For now, I would use the 3 upper body stretches from the Guided Total Body stretch routine. Also, dig around your shoulders with a lacrosse ball.

3) The rep scheme is defending which means the first set is 8, the second set is 6, and the final set is 5. Front squat was chosen early in the program to put more emphasis on your core initially and getting your body more prepped for heavier loads(upcoming backs squat/deadlift down the road).

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