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Quincy Simon

#DIALEDFAM Tell us a little about YOU?

Lets kick this thing off with a spot to introduce ourselves and give a little background. Go as big or small as your heart desires.

Favorite Dialed Workout/Program:
Favorite Trail/Route/Area:
Favorite Workout Song:
Favorite Indulgence:
Quick Bio:

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3 weeks ago
Who: Quincy Simon
Where: Wichita, Kansas
Favorite Dialed Workout/Program: XC Program, anything Kettlebell, and of course IT Band Prehab
Favorite Trail/Route/Area: Bentonville Arkansas
Favorite Workout Song: Killswitch Engage Radio
Favorite Indulgence: Ice Cream, by the pail. Derek knows all about that :)
Quick Bio: Endurance Athlete, addicted to the suffer fests of cycling. I prefer Singletrack but also ride lots of Gravel because Kansas has plenty of gravel roads to offer. Strength Training is my weakness, always has been, but Dialed Health is changing that for me and my family as well. 2021 will undoubtedly be the best year so far thanks to this programming and the entire #DIALEDFAM. That is all. Stay Rad!

Start Moving Forward
3 weeks ago
Who: Amsyar Hanif
Where: Pasir Ris, Singapore
Favorite Dialed Workout/Program: Currently on the XC program, love the Kettle bell stuff as well!
Favorite Trail/Route/Area: Bukit Timah
Favorite Workout Song: I don't really listen to music when working out, most of the time it's the Dialed Health podcast or TrainerRoad podcast
Favorite Indulgence: Pizza. Lots and lots of pizza.
Quick Bio: Used to race BMX locally about 9 years ago, did a few MTB races as well (DH and 4X), never really finished on the podium but I loved the competition atmosphere. Stopped riding bikes for a while, put on way too much weight and recently got back on the bike thanks to the pandemic. Did my first ever XCO race this year in the worst conditions you could ask for, didn't get a DNF, didn't finish last place (major accomplishment since I was the heaviest rider in the race). I enjoy strength training and putting myself in uncomfortable situations (like that XC race). Looking forward to meet more of the #DIALEDFAM! LET'S DO THIS!
3 weeks ago
Who: Nick Buck
Where: San Diego, CA (specifically San Elijo Hills/San Marcos/North County SD)
Favorite Dialed Workout/Program: Really digging the guided core and foam rolling
Favorite Trail/Route/Area: I have some great local trails, a good setup for me. Kernville is probably my favorite spot and definitely want to ride the Sierras in the Tahoe area more. Southern Utah always great.
Favorite Workout Song: Hmm, I think it's Juice WRLD/Marshmallow, Come & Go. I'm 45 years old, so I'm kinda out of it...
Favorite Indulgence: Oh man, maybe nachos. I make a giant pile of leftovers on chips and cheese and bake it late night after a big night ride and beer
Quick Bio: Dad of two kids (girl 9, boy 8) and I feel like a kid. Happily married and loving being a family man while still getting after it with rides and staying on top of workouts. I work in the profession of Parks and Recreation for a coastal town, love what i do. Motivated to get in and stay in the best shape of my life. Enjoying experiencing good gains in mobility and recovery. Been riding only MTB since maybe age 12, stepped away from it in my 20s to be obsessed with surfing and came back to MTB obsession in my 30s and that's that. Only ever a trail rider, never raced, just dig challenging riding and having fun on the bike. Currently riding a brand new Stumpjumper EVO and a Levo emtb. Love my bikes (as well as a beautiful 1988 stumpjumper).
2 weeks ago
Who: Adam Van Winkle
Where: Brentwood, Ca (Deep East Bay Area)
Favorite Dialed Workout/Program: Mobility program and any of the no-equipment programs!
Favorite Trail/Route/Area: Tough question! Most fun I've had on a bike recently was in Nevada City on Hoot Trail and Miners trail
Favorite Workout Song: For TrainerRoad workouts- Higher Ground cover by Red Hot Chili Peppers. For DH workouts I normally don't have any on
Favorite Indulgence: Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Quick Bio:Born and Raised in Antioch Ca. Rode street BMX mostly (not too many other options really)
I was always an overweight kid. My family really didn't have any concept of healthy eating habits. I work full time and I have a wife, kids and a dog.
I haven't raced much but I love mountain biking in general and I find it a whole lot more fun when my fitness level is higher.
Looking forward to seeing all of the great information this forum is sure to deliver!
2 weeks ago
Who: Mark G
Where:West Sussex UK
Favorite Dialed Workout/Program: Road/ TRX/ kettlebell/ no equipment flow
Favorite Trail/Route/Area: Tenerife and Calpe(Spain) Local quiet lanes (UK)
Favorite Workout Song: N/A weird i know but cant handle music when i train podcasts all the way
Favorite Indulgence:Peanut butter off the spoon
Quick Bio: Masters Road, Track and cyclo-cross rider racer from the uk reasonably successful Cat2 rider in a local race team. divorced with 2 kids so balance training with the kids and work but still get plenty in. coached by Trainsharp in the UK but much prefer these sessions to standard off the shelf sessions.
***I am covid free! Unfortunately my whole family has it so I am confined to one room, but I can train! (more importantly everyone that does have it is doing fine)

Update on myself:
Possibly covid positive , my wife and in-laws all have it.
Luckily, all of them have had mild symptoms so far. I fully expect to have a positive test result along with my two oldest children (13,12)

I plan to track my food but take it easy on the training for at least this first week just in case. I don't want to put any additional strain on my body if I am indeed infected with covid. Fingers crossed 🤞!
Who: Chloe C.
Where: Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec, Canada
Favorite Dialed Workout/Program: KB workouts or bodyweight core
Favorite Trail/Route/Area: Moose Alley/Moose Knuckles, Kingdom Trails VT and Érablière/Adorila/Peace & Destroy, Mont-Sainte-Anne
Favorite Workout Song: whatever plays in the background of the workout videos 🤷‍♀️
Favorite Indulgence: homemade burgers, baked goods with chocolate
Quick Bio: Mom of a 4-yr old, been riding trails/enduro/dh for 7 years but getting serious about improving my skills for the last 2. Bike shop wife & Bike shop Queen B. I downloaded MyFitnessPal in August after discovering Dialed Health on Instagram and I've managed to get halfway to my goal weight so far. I joined Dialed Health just before the holidays to help get me the rest of the way. My current (somewhat) ambitious goal is to shave down 1.5 min off my PB of 8mins up a local switchback climb, in order to do it as fast as my other mom friends. Segment KOM is just under 3min, there's hope for me!
1 week ago
Who: Andrew Cavaye
Where: Bellingham, WA. Originally Toowoomba, Australia.
Favorite Dialed Workout/Program: Enduro and mobility programs.
Favorite Trail/Route/Area: I wish I could tell you!
Favorite Workout Song: Anything heavy metal.
Favorite Indulgence: Chocolate fudge ice cream
Quick Bio: Enduro/DH Racer looking to be a better/healthier athlete. The big mountains and loamy trails brought me to the PNW after growing up in Australia. Love the guidance and direction that Dialed Health has given me in my approach to training and can't wait to feel the benefits! Stoked to be part of the fam!
1 week ago
Who: Riccardo Ryder
Where: Milan, Italy
Favorite Dialed Workout/Program: KB workouts
Favorite Trail/Route/Area: Finale Ligure
Favorite Workout Song: ‘Till I Collapse, Eminem ft. Nate Dogg
Favorite Indulgence: Dark chocolate
Quick Bio: I’m a 30 years old dude who loves to put out energy day cycling, working out and hiking during my free time but I try to find time to do it during my working days too! I’m eating a regular diet but I like vegetarian and vegan recipes too as I try to reduce red meat to once a week.
I’m so grateful to be part of the dialedfam and I love the process of getting better every day!
1 week ago
Who: Sam L
Where: Roseville, CA, USA
Favorite Dialed Workout/Program: Kettlebell Workouts (I wish there was an 8-12 week program that utilized KB and TRX, *wink*)
Favorite Trail/Route/Area: UCSC Trail System
Favorite Workout Song: IDK, depends on what I need to make the most of my workout/ ride--sometimes it's super upbeat and aggressive and sometimes it's super chill.
Favorite Indulgence: COOKIES! and chocolate.
Quick Bio: I am a freshly dubbed 32 year old lady-person who loves dogs, mountain biking (enduro/DH), baking, and reading high-fantasy fiction novels. I did the #Shred last year and lost 35 pounds. Losing the weight has changed not only my riding experience but my quality of life as I've blown out both of knees living the life of a ski bum in my 20s and any excess weight leads to excruciating pain, stiffness, and ultimately immobility. I've managed to keep the weight off through COVID by continuing to follow the program and this year my goal is to lose a little extra body fat to see if I can find the abs my college professors swore I have. I am forever thankful and grateful to Derek and the Dialed Health Family for providing the tools and making the information which has brought me so much happiness and self-confidence so readily available and easy to follow.
1 week ago
Who: I'm Colleen
Where: I live in Saratoga Springs, NY
Favorite Dialed Workout/Program: I love anything with kettlebells but I also love any bodyweight and flow-style workouts.
Favorite Trail/Route/Area: I did a lot of riding in the Catskill mountains this past season and loved the challenges of riding MTB with lots of hills and rocks.
Favorite Workout Song: Anything by Jay-Z (or other kind of raunchy hip hip)
Favorite Indulgence: Pizza and I have a big sweet tooth - however, been tracking macros on and off for many years and find it's the only way that I can hold myself accountable and enjoy a healthy relationship with food. I tracked this past holiday season and actually lost two pounds without feeling like I missed out on anything fun.
Quick Bio: I'm a mom of two (10/girl, 12/boy) and fairly new to the sport of mountain biking. I don't have a background in cycling as I discovered the sport in my adult years and went straight into MTB. I did one cyclocross race too :-) I have a background in competitive weightlifting, Olympic lifting and power lifting. I'm struggling to build endurance since I have a good strength base. I found Derek and Dialed Health when I had enough of sucking wind on uphill climbs and tired of my riding crew having to wait for me. With these workouts, I'm building more core stability than I've ever had and I'm honestly crushing my strength workouts and barbell workouts! I'm riding only indoors now on a spin bike until the snow melts but I'm eager to get back on the trails and see how much better it feels! I also co-lead a group of 80+ young female MTB riders in our area called Saratoga Shredders - you can find the group on Instagram @SaratogaShredders and me on Instagram @SaratogaMama. Look forward to connecting with many of you!

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