90 Day’s of Fat Loss & Maintenance

WIN: A full year of online access(or your money refunded for current members), a $210 Value. Also, a Dailed Health T-Shirt and Stickers

*This is more than a diet, it’s an opportunity to build trust with yourself by following through on something you want to accomplish.

Start Date is Monday Jan, 13th2020

How To: 

To enter, email me with the title “Shred Challenge” and include your starting weight, age, and gender. Also, include your body fat % if you know it(but it’s not necessary). List your reason for entering along with your end goal. The winner will be chosen by myself(Derek Teel) and will consider your physical and mental transformation(see “end date how to”).

Start with a before photo in an area where you can replicate the lighting and attire.  Minimal clothing is ideal to visibly track change, but do what’s comfortable(you’ll be glad you took time to do this after your transformation). 

This plan is not specified for one person in particular, but uses trusted diet principles to help you accomplish fat loss.

For ideal results, you should be including total body strength training and riding a minimum of 2 days per week each.  See the “Balancing Riding & Strength Training” journal for guidance: https://dialedhealth.com/balancing-riding-strength-training/

Lastly, I will caution you that this will require effort, discipline, and most importantly a willingness to change.  Allowing “exceptions” through the process will open the door to more excuses and leniency down the road.  Do not fear the “loss” of any comfort or entertainment food brings you.  It’s not going anywhere, but you may choose to part ways with these old habits after 90 days of consistency.  Maintenance will allow for flexibility(trust me, I’ll be drinking alcohol again), but you have to get there first.

End Date is Sunday April 12th

How To:

On your last day take an “after” photo replicating your “before” as much as possible. Email it including your “before” photo and a brief summary of your experience. The winner will be chosen on Friday April 17th. *winner must agree to have before and after posted to the Dialed Health Instagram account.

I DO NOT recommend rewarding yourself with your favorite unhealthy meal. Take yourself shopping, go on a ride trip, or do something to celebrate that is not all about what food you’re going to eat.

CONGRADULATIONS!  You have done something that your former self may not have thought possible.  What will you do next?

*Any further questions can be sent to dialedhealth@gmail.comI’d love to help  you through the process.


Phase 1(Day 1-30)


-Get adequate water intake

-Keep groceries stocked

-Find your Basal Metabolic Rate and Macro Numbers

-Learn to track food


-Drink 16 oz of water before anything in the morning

-Drink a total of 128oz water(male) or 100oz(female) Daily

-Stock up on lean proteins, healthy carbs, and veggies

-Select a protein powder or bar

-Find your BMR and Macro Numbers.  See the “ Nutrition Guidelines” journal to help you: https://dialedhealth.com/nutrition-guidelines/

-Track food Everyday using an app like Myfitness Pal or Lose It(I know and use MFP. Buying premium eliminates adds, but is not necessary).

-Allow for an extra 500 Calories(male) or 300 Calories(female) on Saturday and Sunday.

Phase 2(Day 31-60)


-Ramp up fat loss, recovery, and health by eliminating some foods


-Continue all previous objectives.

-Eliminate ALL dessert type foods(including healthy alternatives): cookies, candy, pastries, ice cream, etc…

-Eliminate ALL alchohol

PHASE 3(DAY 61-90)


-Re-introduce eliminated foods in moderation

-Find Maintenance


-Continue Tracking Everyday

-Add calories to Find Maintenance at your lower BF%

-No food limitations

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