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Top Tips For Success From Member Marcus Leach

Marcus Leach on May 19th, 2021

I know from personal experience that it’s not easy changing habits and creating a lasting change in your life, especially when it comes to body composition and getting into our best shape possible for riding. Through focus and commitment though anything is possible, and off the back of my own results over the past five months I wanted to share with you some of my top tips for success.


*Marcus' before and after committing to 8 weeks of dieting and the No Equipment HIIT Program

  • Be Prepared: Speaking from experience I find it much easier to stick to the process if I am prepared in advance. For example, if I get hungry and I don’t have the right food it’s easy to end up either over-eating, or eating something that isn’t in line with the goal I am trying to achieve. That’s why I always make sure each week I have the right food and supplements for the coming days and training sessions, even going as far as laying out what I need for the next morning’s training ride before I go to bed so that everything is ready, both kit and nutrition wise. Once you remove all these little barriers to success it’s far easier to stay on track and reach your destination.


  • Hungry for Success: For me hunger comes in two forms; the first is you have to want the end result bad enough to make some sacrifices. Too many people want the results, but they are not prepared to make the required sacrifices to achieve their goals. You have got to want what you’re trying to achieve more than anything else, and that links to the second hunger for a body composition change. You are going to have to embrace feeling hungry, that’s not to say you need to starve yourself, but as my Grandad always says it’s better to leave the dinner table wanting a little bit more than feeling like you ate too much


  • Trust in the Process: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and nor were lasting body composition changes achieved overnight, which makes it hard sometimes as we live in a world where people want everything right away. Making lasting changes to your body composition takes time, and often results can be slow and not always noticeable, which is why we have to trust in the process and know that by focusing on each day at a time, making sure you execute every training session, every meal, every recovery session perfectly, the results will come. It might not be for a few months, but you will get there eventually


  • Recovery Shake: I think one of the smallest changes to my routine that made the biggest difference was introducing a recovery shake after all of my rides, and a protein shake after all of my strength sessions. There was a time when I used to think I don’t need those extra calories and by missing them I’d lose more weight, when in fact the opposite was true. I would end up so hungry later in the day that I’d overeat, often the wrong foods, and waste all the hard work from training. Now I fuel my workouts properly, allows have a recovery shake and eat more food and am still shredding body fat and getting leaner,. Feeling fuller for longer and enjoying life a lot more.


  • What Would a Champion Do? This is a question I have lived by for several years now and dates back to when I did my cover model body transformation for Men’s Health, and still keeps me on track now. Anytime you are reaching for the ice-cream, hitting snooze on your alarm or letting the little voice ion your head try and talk you down from a tough training ride, ask yourself, what would a champion do? We all know the answer, a champion does whatever they have to do to be their best, day in, day out, no excuses, no shortcuts. And whilst we might not be world champions, we can all live as champions, adhere to the highest standards and not accept anything but the best for ourselves which will lead us to being champions of our own world.

I hope these five points have been helpful, and just to stay best of luck on your own journeys. You can follow my crazy cycling adventures over on my Instagram @marcusleachglobal